Gratitude Prompts – March 2024

Gratitude Prompts – March 2024


There are many Benefits of Gratitude – both physical and mental.  To help you get started, we are sharing prompts for you to consider each day.

March 1st – Express gratitude for the supportive people around you.

March 2nd –  Be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned from past mistakes.

March 3rd – Reflect on the beauty of nature around you.

March 4th – Express gratitude for any education you’ve received in your life.

March 5th – Be grateful for any recent moments of laughter and joy

March 6th – What is something nice someone has done for you recently? Acknowledge their kindness and the impact it had.

March 7th – Take a moment to reflect on the peaceful little moments in each day.

March 8th – Reflect on personal growth and progress you’ve made in your life.

March 9th – What parts of your physical health are you grateful for today?

March 10th – Express gratitude for the freedoms you have every day.

March 11th – Be grateful for the hobbies in your life that bring you happiness.

March 12th – Reflect on your unique talents and abilities.

March 13th – What parts of your senses are you grateful for today?

March 14th – Express gratitude for your mentors and role-models and how they have changed your life.

March 15th – Reflect on any modern conveniences that make your daily life easier.

March 16th – Be grateful for the support systems you have in your life.

March 17th – Take a moment to appreciate the art around you – music, books, paintings, etc.

March 18th – What are some things you have achieved recently, big or small?

March 19th – Express gratitude for the simple things that bring you joy in every day.

March 20th – What parts of your mental health are you grateful for today?

March 21st – Be grateful to have a warm and safe place to live.

March 22nd – Reflect on the opportunities you’ve had to grow and learn recently.

March 23rd – Express gratitude for the community you’re a part of.

March 24th – Take a moment to appreciate the relationships you have.

March 26th – Be grateful for any words that have impacted your life in a positive way.

March 27th – Pause for a moment. What parts of your day today are you grateful for?

March 28th – Reflect on your some of your favorite things. It could be food, smells, season, etc.

March 29th – Express gratitude for ways you communicate with others.

March 30th – Who in your life has been there through thick and thin? Be grateful for their continued support.

March 31st – Reflect on three things that brought you joy this month.