Surviving the Holidays Sober

Surviving the Holidays Sober


The holiday season is often associated with joy, celebration, and community. However, for individuals living in recovery, there can be potential for many challenges. Staying sober during the holidays requires a thoughtful and proactive approach. In this blog post, we are going to explore practical tips and strategies to remaining faithful to your recovery during the holiday season.


Create a Support System

  • The importance of a strong support system cannot be stressed enough. Share your commitment to your sobriety with those around you. Attend support group meetings or connect with others who are also focused on maintaining their sobriety. The system you set up can be a lifeline during challenges that lie ahead.

Plan Ahead

  • Being prepared is a key for avoiding potential stumbling blocks. Intentionally plan your schedule, considering events and gatherings that align with your commitment to sobriety. Communicate your commitment to hosts or friends to ensure that they understand your decision to remain sober. Having a clear, thought out plan can help you feel more in control of the environments that you step into.

Bring Your Own Beverage

  • Whether it’s a family dinner or a holiday party, it is important to come prepared with your favorite non-alcoholic beverages. Having an alternative in your hand that you enjoy not only quenches your thirst, but also reduces the likelihood of feeling left out or missing out on what others are doing. Get creative with non-alcoholic recipes to find one that tastes best to you.

Focus on Activities

  • Instead of focusing on alcohol centric activities, shift the focus to engaging in fun and meaningful experiences. Suggest group activities that don’t revolve around drinking. Redirecting the focus to shared experiences with everybody helps create lasting memories and reinforces the idea that social gatherings or parties don’t require alcohol.

Practice Gratitude

  • Incorporate gratitude into your routine to counteract any cravings that may be triggered from the stress of the holiday season. Take a deep breath and focus on the things you can control instead of the things you can’t. Being present in the moment can help you navigate through challenging situations with a positive mindset.

Have an Exit Plan

  • Having an exit plan is in important if you find yourself in a situation that feels uncomfortable or triggering. Keep a list of phone numbers for people that support you readily available so you can reach out for assistance if required. Knowing you have an exit as well as people who are ready to help you if needed provides a sense of control and security.

Celebrate Your Achievements

  • Sobriety is an ongoing journey and the holidays can be a great point to reflect on that journey. Reflect on your accomplishments and your commitment. Take pride in the progress you’ve made so far. Focus on your motive to keep going.


Surviving the holiday season sober is not just about enduring the season; it’s about embracing the opportunity to create new, meaningful connections and traditions. By creating a support system, planning ahead, and focusing on practicing gratitude, you can navigate the season with confidence and emerge on the other side feeling stronger and even more committed to your journey of sobriety.