Women’s New Hope House

Located in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, the Women's New Hope House has been providing quality residential treatment for women with substance use disorder since 1988. The facility houses up to 22 women age 18 and older offering both residential services as well as clinically-managed withdrawal management. Residents are able to bring their children up to age 11 with them in treatment.

Clients in residential treatment live in a community setting which includes individual sessions and 40 hours of core and life skill group services weekly to help each client on their own pathway to recovery. 

Staff are available 24/7 to help clients develop coping skills to work through their acute symptoms of early recovery and transition to a lower level of care. 

The Access Center provides a screening that determines eligibility for services, appropriate facility and level of care.
Once admitted, GLRC’s friendly, knowledgable screeners will help clients navigate funding requirements and admission criteria regarding treatment. 

GLRC will assist clients in pursuing their individual path to recovery by engaging clients in whole person care, treating the mind, body and soul.

The client works with GLRC to create an individualized treatment plan to meet the client’s identified goals.

    Our clinically managed withdrawal management provides the following:

  • Withdrawal assessment
  • Monitoring symptoms
  • Medication management
  • Clinical support
  • Coping strategies
  • Facilitates easy access to continued treatment beyond detox

For questions or admission to the Women’s New Hope House, call GLRC’s Access Center at (906) 228-9696.

What to Expect

Individual Treatment Planning

Our counselors begin by helping each client pinpoint important issues related to their addiction and life history. At the same time, clients identify their personal strengths, support systems and other resources they’ll need for a successful, long-term recovery.

Treatment Experience

While living at the Women's New Hope House, clients will participate in regularly scheduled groups on a daily basis with different presenters covering a broad range of materials. In addition, clients will be assigned an individual counselor to help you develop a pathway towards recovery that works for your specific needs. 

Daily living at the Women's New Hope House includes participation in daily living activities, congregate meals and learning to work together in the community while developing lifelong relationships. 

Transitional Planning

From the first day of treatment, clients begin to brainstorm about planning for their return home. Our goal is help everyone obtain access to the care and assistance they’ll need for a successful transition back into the community. 

For admission to the Women's New Hope House, contact (906) 228-9696.

Women and Families Program

Through the Women and Families Program, mothers can bring their children, up to age eleven, with them to treatment. Child care is provided on-site while mothers engage in treatment services. School-aged children are required to attend school, staff will assist in finding enrollment options.

Children between the ages of five and eleven participate in weekly individualized counseling to accomplish their specific goals. 

All mothers are provided with a women and families assessment through which individualized needs for the mom and children are identified and appropriate referrals are made.

To help support mothers in early recovery, group parenting classes are offered weekly, and individual meetings are held as needed.

Group Programs

The treatment schedule is designed to include 40 hours of group programming per week. Group programs include:

● Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

● Living in Balance

● Seeking Safety

● Women's Health

● Parenting

● Exercise 

● Change Planning

● Nutrition

● Spirituality

A Safe and Therapeutic Community

Life at Great Lakes Recovery Centers is safe, encouraging and supportive. Clients share meals, group therapy, daily chores and recreational activities. Rooms have a cozy, home-like feeling. Specially furnished suites accommodate clients with dependent children (up to age eleven). Hallways and common areas are decorated with colorful, inspiring art and murals. The local school district is very supportive of GLRC clients and programs. The Women's New Hope House is a low-security residence with 24/7 staffing. Clients are treated as mature, recovering adults and honesty and accountability is expected in return.

Following treatment as clients transition out of care, additional referrals may include Department of Human Services, Michigan Works, local housing offices, Veteran’s Administration, probation and parole officers, and local AA/NA meetings among others.

For More Information

For admission to the Women's New Hope House or for help determining the right care for you or a loved one, please contact:

Women’s New Hope House

2655 Ashmun St. Main Entrance

Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

(906) 632-2522

Fax: (906) 632-2370

Women’s New Hope House