Peer Recovery

Peer recovery connects individuals with lived experience in recovery to clients who are exploring what recovery looks like to them. 

Examples of peer recovery support services include:  

Peer coaching is developing a one-on-one relationship in which a peer coach with recovery experience encourages, motivates and supports a peer through their relationship to drugs or alcohol. 

Connecting the client with services and resources available in the community.

Peer recovery coaches facilitate recovery-oriented group activities including support groups and educational activities.

GLRC aims to help clients build healthy social networks through events and pro-social activities.

Chippewa County:
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Marquette County:

Russell Beaudry: (906) 458-0467

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Why Peer Recovery?

Peer recovery has been shown to improve engagement and retention of people seeking services. They are effective in reducing incidents of return to use. Research also shows that long-term treatment and/or recovery outcomes are improved by linkages to community-based recovery supports such as recovery coaching. When those with lived experience walk side by side with counselors, therapists, nurses, doctors and the judicial system the outcomes can be dramatically improved.

Peer Recovery Coach

A Peer Recovery Coach, is a person with lived experience. As a result of personal experiences, they understand many of the feelings, challenges, fears and problems one may face as a result of substance use disorder. They may use their stories and experiences to offer support to those embarking on their own journey free of judgment. 

Peer Recovery Support Services can be delivered anytime during the recovery process:

● Those curious about recovery
● Prior to treatment
● During residential or outpatient treatment
● Post treatment
● In later recovery stages

Peer Engagement Specialists

For admission to Services or for help determining the right care for you or a loved one, please contact:

Chippewa County

Andrea Kokko

Josh Doherty

(906) 632-9809 ext: 2305

Marquette County

Russell Beaudry: (906) 458-0467

Laura Kagy: (906) 458-7161

Dickinson County

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Peer Recovery