OS Reentry Services

Everyone deserves the opportunity at a second chance, and the OS Reentry Services program is all about second chances. OS Reentry Services program covers all 15 counties of the Upper Peninsula, also known as Region 1. The services provides case management services to help meet Returning Citizens’ basic needs and to assist with community reentry.

OS Reentry Services are only available to Returning Citizens under State of Michigan supervision. Program eligibility is determined by the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) and the services provided are based on referral from MDOC Parole Agents.

• Rental Assistance
• Housing Choice Voucher Program
• Household Goods

• Job Placement Services
• Vocational Training Opportunities
• Work Supplies
• Education Services
• Financial Assistance Services

• Transportation Assistance
• Clothing, Food & Hygiene Assistance
• Identification & other essential documents

• Mental Health Assessment and Counseling
• Battering Intervention Services
• Psychiatric Evaluation
• Medication Review & Stop-gap Prescriptions

For more information on any of the services provided by OS Reentry Services, please contact OSinfo@glrc.org.

Second Chance Employment

OS Reentry Services


The mission of the Michigan Offender Success Model is to create a safer Michigan by holding clients accountable while promoting their success.


Through innovative programming and case management, the vision of the Michigan Offender Success Model is to provide every client knowledge, skills, resources, and opportunities to be successful and productive members of the community.

How is This Accomplished?

The mission is accomplished by targeting service provision to meet the identified needs of returning clients, thereby reducing their risk of recidivism and enhancing their education and employment opportunities.

OS Reentry Services employs Specialists to assure all counties have adequate services and vendors to meet the needs of all returning citizens. They also develop employer relationships to provide employment opportunities to returning citizens, and coordinate job placement activities for program participants.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council’s purpose is to help strengthen the OS Reentry Services program and to create a stronger base for community support.  These meetings can also be a way to provide public/community education and input for the program.  Meetings are held virtually and on a quarterly basis.

Regional Steering Team

The Regional Steering Team provides planning and oversight for the OS Reentry Services program. Community Stakeholders and MDOC Representatives from across the Upper Peninsula come together to collaborate and develop solutions for programming and job development efforts. Meetings are held virtually and on a quarterly basis.

For More Information

For more information on any of the programs provided by OS Reentry Services, please contact OSinfo@glrc.org.

Region 1 Staff

Natalie Sides

Program Manager
(906) 630-2511

Jason Sides

Community Coordinator
(906) 458-0616

BillieJean Horrocks

OS Reentry Services Specialist

Mari Schupp

OS Reentry Services Specialist

Ashley Marjomaki

OS Reentry Services Specialist

Denise Bannan

OS Reentry Services Specialist

Tracy Busse

(906) 228-9699
Ext. 1005

Tracee Kauppila

Senior Staff Accountant
(906) 228-9699
Ext. 1020

Greg Toutant

Chief Executive Officer
(906) 228-9699
Ext. 1015

OS Reentry Services