About GLRC

About GLRC

GLRC is a non-profit CARF accredited agency specializing in substance abuse and mental health treatment for youth, families and adults. We offer treatment services by certified counselors and licensed professionals in many communities across Michigan’s picturesque Upper Peninsula.

Our Mission

The mission of Great Lakes Recovery Centers is to empower recovery through hope and change.

Our Philosophy

Great Lakes Recovery Centers believes that chemical dependency – alcohol or other drug addiction – is a disease that affects individuals, family members, and the community. The treatment of this illness can best be addressed with an array of services provided by caring professionals involving the individual, family, and community. It is only through this comprehensive approach that long term recovery is strengthened.

Our History

In the mid 1970’s the Nu-Way Halfway House for Men was established in Marquette, MI that was later renamed the Richard Chapman Halfway House for Men. The Joan Curto Halfway House for Women was established at roughly the same time. In 1984-85 Project Rehab out of Grand Rapids, Michigan took over the two houses when the state mandated that all programs be accredited and became known as Rehab North. These two houses were combined in 1985 to become Adult Residential Services (ARS). Project Rehab who already had an established Shiloh House for Youth in Grand Rapids petitioned the state to move the program to Marquette. This was the first youth facility in the state of Michigan. In 1981 the Shiloh House for youth was established in Marquette, MI under the management of Project Rehab. The New Hope Houses for Men and Women, which are operated in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, fell into financial difficulty and in 1990 joined Rehab North. The Men’s House was first the Chippewa County Veterans Home and later became the New Hope House Therapeutic Community in the late 1970’s. The Women’s house was opened in 1988. In 1994 Great Lakes Recovery Centers was born when Rehab North split from Project Rehab in order to become more autonomous in financial management and operations. 1983 loosely marked the beginning of GLRC as the first two half way houses began to work together toward accreditation. Today GLRC and Project Rehab maintain a good relationship sharing referrals and working to together to help the citizens of the region.

Outpatient services were started in 1995 in Marquette, MI and in early 1998 New Hope Outpatient services were opened in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. In 2002 GLRC merged with Dickinson-Iron Substance Abuse Services and continues to operate the site in Iron Mountain, MI. Finally a Marquette Outpatient satellite office was opened at Sawyer in 2004 to better serve the citizens of that area.