Medical Services

Medical Services

At GLRC, our guiding core principle is “people are our purpose, love them all”. Seeing each client as the whole person they are, we now offer person-centered care for primary health in addition to our core of services for substance use disorders and behavioral health needs.

Primary health care for clients in mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse treatment rounds out our offerings for client-centered, whole person care. Our integrated medical services now allow our clients to grow towards their optimal health of mind, body and spirit.

GLRC Medical Services are offered in a variety of locations throughout the Upper Peninsula. These programs are staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who can provide medication assisted treatment along with treatment for health conditions, preventative care, education on health topics, and minor office procedures. Days and times of availability depend upon the location, however, the medical staff are also available via the use of telehealth services in some locations. Medical services are offered to any GLRC client, as well as the general public.

Services Offered

GLRC is pleased to announce that we have the capacity to serve our clients and the general public in the following ways:

Specialty Addiction Treatment (Medication Assisted Treatment)
• Integrated Behavioral Health and Physical Health Care
• Routine physicals
• Hepatitis C treatment
• Pap testing/cervical cancer screening
• Breast exams
• Mammogram referrals
• STD testing and treatment
• Pregnancy tests
• Birth control and family planning
• STD prevention including the HPV vaccine
• UTI testing and treatment
• Vaginal infection testing and treatment
• Menstrual concerns

To schedule an appointment or for more information about services offered please contact the Ishpeming Medical Services Clinic at (906) 464-0002.