Gratitude Prompts – January 2024

Gratitude Prompts – January 2024

There are many Benefits of Gratitude – both physical and mental.  To help you get started, we are sharing prompts for you to consider each day.

January 1st – Express gratitude for three things you are looking forward to this coming year.  (These could be anything!  Think: the first ski of the new year, an upcoming trip, warm summer days.)

January 2nd – Express gratitude for three people in your life who have supported you through thick and thin.

January 3rd – Be thankful for pets that you have had in your life.

January 4th – Consider the opportunities you have that others might not.  (The possibilities are as unique as you:  the opportunity to go to school, finding a counselor who gets you, having a job you love.)

January 5th – Reflect on the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

January 6th – Be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned from challenging experiences in your life.

January 7th – Appreciate a small act of kindness that made an impact on your life.

January 8th – Reflect on the comforts of your home and express gratitude for having a safe and warm place to live.

January 9th – Consider the role models and mentors you have had.  Acknowledge their influence on your life.

January 10th – Be grateful for your senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

January 11th – Practice mindful eating today, taking the time to express gratitude for the food you eat and the nourishment it provides.

January 12th – Reflect on your health and well-being.

January 13th – Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of art – whether it is music, painting, literature or any other form.

January 14th – Be grateful for your education – whether that is formal schooling, a community class you took or a specialized training.

January 15th – Be grateful for the people in your life that bring you joy and positivity.

January 16th – Consider the modern conveniences that make your daily life easier.

January 17th – Express gratitude for the unique skills and talents that you have.

January 18th – Reflect on a time that you were able to express your thoughts and feelings and how that made you feel.

January 19th – Be thankful for moments of laughter and happiness you have experienced recently.

January 20th – Express gratitude for a job that you have had, whether it was paid, volunteer, or just life.

January 21st – Express gratitude for family members.

January 22nd – Be grateful for the progress and personal growth you have made in your life.

January 23rd – Express gratitude for a small achievement you have made in your life.

January 24th – Express gratitude for a big achievement you have made in your life.

January 25th — Reflect on a cherished belonging you have and what it means to you.

January 26th – Reflect on a song that has had a positive impact in your life.

January 27th – Express gratitude for three places you have visited – near or far.

January 28th – Be thankful for the moments of peace and quiet in your day.

January 29th – Consider the support systems you have in your life and express your gratitude for them.

January 30th — What technological advancements are you thankful for and how do they improve your life?

January 31st – Reflect on three things that made you happiest this month.