Men’s New Hope House

Men’s New Hope House

1416 W Easterday Avenue
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783
(906) 635-5542
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For Men’s New Hope House admissions please call (906) 205-4900.

What to Bring to Treatment

Located in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan on the Saint Mary’s River, home of Lake Superior State University and the Famous Soo Locks, Men’s New Hope has been providing quality substance abuse care since 1978. “Empowerment Happens Here” is our motto and personal empowerment is the goal for each of our clients. Methods of treatment are determined by the client’s needs, stage of change, and anticipated outcome.

Recommended Treatment Includes

● Minimum 30 – 60 Day Stay
● Substance Abuse Assessment
● Individualized Treatment Plan
● Weekly individual sessions with designated counselor
● Multiple weekly group therapy sessions
● Recreational Activities

Treatment Planning

Research indicates that women and men experience addiction differently and respond better to gender specific addiction treatment programs. Men’s New Hope House has been offering comprehensive, structured residential treatment services specifically geared to men for over thirty years. Our staff members are certified specialists trained in recognizing the individual conditions of our clients and their families. Treatment varies from 30 to 120 days. We also offer 14 to 21-day relapse prevention stays.

Individual & Group Therapy

Group therapy takes place each day of the week. Clients focus on learning and putting into practice effective life and recovery-related skills.

Men’s New Hope House group programs include:

● Relapse Prevention
● Physiology of Addiction
● Life Skills Development
● Communication Skills
● Emotional Management Processing
● Pharmacotherapy/Physiology
● Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
● Motivational Enhancement
● Anger & Recovery Management

Transitional Planning

To ensure a continuity of care and return to a healthier living environment, needs are addressed in the transitional plan and developed specifically for each resident. Areas of concern that can only be addressed in the client’s home environment are incorporated into the transition plan. The client has scheduled appointments, as needed, with service providers such as community mental health, outpatient substance abuse, and their primary care physician prior to leaving treatment. Additional referrals may include Department of Human Services, Michigan Works, local housing offices, Veteran’s Administration, probation and parole officers, and local AA/NA meetings among others.

Rebuilding Lives & Giving Back

Men’s New Hope House is located in the heart of Sault Ste. Marie (pop. 16,900), with easy access to Lake Superior State University, War Memorial Hospital, businesses and key service providers. While in treatment, many of our clients are busy seeking employment, housing, dealing with court/legal obligations, restoring credit, regaining custody of children, addressing health-related issues and much more. We offer guidance and steer them in the right direction. During the same time, clients also learn the joy of giving back to the community through a wide variety of volunteer commitments.