Individual, Group, and Family Therapy

Individual Therapy

Each client is assigned to a Primary Counselor who, among other duties, provides individual therapy to that client. Private offices are reserved for such sessions.

Group Therapy

All clients participate in several group therapy sessions per day which are either therapeutic or didactic in nature. These groups take place in a large group room filled with natural light and picturesque views of nature. This room is equipped with plenty of comfortable seating for group discussions as well as tables/chairs for workstations, when the group activity requires such accommodations. A dry erase board, monitor, computer access, and DVD player allow for a variety of presentations by the facilitator. All materials needed to assist in teaching and completing assignments are readily available and provided by GLRC.

Family Therapy

Upon admission, parents/guardians are given a Family Questionnaire to collect collateral information about the client as well as allow for family input into the treatment plan. This survey is later collected by the Primary Therapist and used in combination with client input for the development of the Family Assessment as well as the family portion of the Treatment Plan. The Primary Therapist maintains contact with parents/guardians regarding the resident’s progress and also schedules/facilitates Family Therapy Sessions and visits. Family Therapy sessions take place in the Primary Counselor’s private office.

In the event of an on-grounds visit, appropriate and comfortable accommodations are made. In order to accommodate families who reside a long distance away, sessions can take place via speaker phone. When hardships exist, GLRC may provide assistance with lodging and gas costs in order to serve those families who must travel long distances to visit their child/participate in the treatment process.