Residential Services

Residential Services

Residential substance use treatment refers to a short-term (30 day) or long-term (more than 30 day) arrangement, where clients live in a therapeutic environment, alongside other clients, with 24-hour supervision and access to on-site clinicians. The general intent is to provide the tools that will allow clients to cease substance use in order to avoid the negative psychological, legal, financial and health consequences. Clients typically suffer from symptoms of dependence on psychoactive substances such as alcohol, prescriptions drugs or various “street drugs” such as heroin, amphetamines, or cocaine.

Program Philosophy: Residential Services believes that a substance use disorder is a disease that impacts the individual, family members and society at large. The treatment of this illness can best be addressed with an array of services provided by caring professionals and the involvement of support systems, a person’s family and their community. We strive to be a resourceful, competent and team-oriented residential substance use disorder treatment program that demonstrates effectiveness and professionalism both clinically and administratively. Residential Services follows a strength-focused, evidence based approach in helping people learn to empower themselves to live the life they want and find purpose again.

Please contact the Residential Access Center at (906) 205-4900 for questions regarding adult residential treatment.

Treatment usually includes:

— Assessments of physical and mental health, substance use and coordination of medical services
— A designated counselor and individualized treatment plan for each client
— Individual and Group Therapy Sessions
— Transition planning (finding stable housing, securing access to follow up care, employment and/or educational services, and other community resources)

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