GLRC Foundation To-Do List

GLRC Foundation To-Do List

Donations List

There are a number of projects that the GLRC Foundation is currently seeking funding to support.

Current Projects:
These are projects that are short term in nature and for which we have a specific goal.

  • Medallions of Success – Great Lakes Recovery Centers distributes these medallions as a symbol indicating a successful completion of treatment in a residential setting. They do not mean that the client is “cured” but that they have completed an important milestone in their lifelong recovery. Our supply of these medallions is running low and we are seeking donations to fund a year’s supply of them for our clients. GOAL: $1,000
  • Network-Wide: Telehealth Initiative – GLRC received a $35,000 Health Innovation Grant from the Michigan Department of Community Health to implement telehealth (services via teleconferencing equipment) we are seeking aide from our friends and neighbors because the funds are available on a REIMBURSEMENT basis (meaning we have to buy the equipment first, then they will reimburse us) and the amount for training and new personnel to install and operate the equipment is extremely limited. GOAL: $50,000 PROGRESS: $35,000



On-going Projects and Programs:


These are persistent needs that are a part of the type of work that we do at GLRC.

  • Residential Courtesy Items: Our clients come from every conceivable circumstance and some of them enter our program with little more than the clothes that they have on. Our Residential Staff maintain a solid relationship with local thrift shops and charities. We do keep a stock of commonly needed items on hand whenever possible. Items include: toiletries (toilet paper, diapers, disposable razors, deodorant, tooth brushes etc.), batteries and lightly-used clothing.
  • Residential Nutrition: It is the responsibility of our Residential Services to provide proper nutrition for our clients. We work with local community food pantries and retailers in order to keep costs down without sacrificing quality meals for our clients, but we can always use non-perishable food items, access to community gardens and lightly-used kitchen utensils, cookware and place settings.
  • Residential Furniture: Our Residential Programs serve hundreds of individuals for weeks at a time each year. Often our people are suffering through they symptoms of substance abuse and mental health disorders. The powerful emotions that often accompany those symptoms can cause the client to act out. For this reason, our residential facilities are often in need of new or lightly used: bedroom furniture, living room furniture, lamps, mirrors, bedding, linens and office equipment and furniture.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the GLRC Foundation please contact the Foundation at This is a new endeavor for GLRC and we welcome your feedback, ideas and participation!