Adolescent Services Center 104 Malton Rd. Negaunee, MI 49866 (906) 228-4692 Fax (906) 228-2830 It’s hard to know what to do when a teen that you care for displays symptoms of a substance use disorder. Great Lakes Recovery Centers can help. The first step is to call (906) 228-9696 (or toll free at 855-906-4572) where you can ask questions in a 100% confidential setting. When you are ready, you will be connected one of our trained professionals who can walk you through the in-take process. Upon your arrival at our Adolescent Services Center in the rustic and beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you will be greeted by one of our professionals and after a guided paperwork session, you’ll assure your teen that you will see them soon and be in constant contact. They will immediately start orientation to get settled in and break the ice with the other residents. Most often, another resident will take on an active role in helping your teen get acclimated. Their stay begins with the development of an individualized treatment plan designed to fit their unique circumstances and involves the family when it comes time to make decisions about things like schooling and living situations. The goal is to set your teen up to achieve a successful, life-long recovery. Treatment includes One-on-one therapy, Group therapy sessions, and additional methods that include activities such as service learning projects and Art Therapy. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a home-like experience during their stays, which include:
  • keeping up with school in our year-round classroom
  • social meal times
  • strolls through our 10 acre wooded lot
  • access to our library
  • our enclosed courtyard
  • semi-private room (with bathrooms)
  • TV lounges, an outdoor basketball court, a greenhouse and more!
Parents/guardians can call any time and encouraged to remain in constant contact with the counselors at GLRC. However, we tend to restrict direct contact with your teen for the first week while they get settled. When the time comes for your teen to come home, we will celebrate their accomplishments as a group recognize their completion of the program with a medallion and finally bid them farewell and encourage them to follow up with their counselors, attend outpatient sessions and come back to share their stories of success with new residents. Treatment works. People recover. When you, or somebody you love, is struggling with a substance use disorder, don’t wait. Get your questions answered now by calling (906) 228-9696 or toll free at (855) 906-GLRC(4572)
Great Lakes Recovery Centers operates Residential Treatment Centers: Often called “rehab” or “in-patient treatment”, residential substance abuse treatment refers to a short-term (30 day) or long-term (more than 30 day) arrangement, where clients live in a therapeutic environment, alongside other clients, with 24-hour supervision and access to on-site clinicians. The general intent is to provide the tools that will allow clients to cease substance abuse in order to avoid the negative psychological, legal, financial and health consequences. Clients typically suffer from symptoms of dependence on psychoactive substances such as alcohol, prescriptions drugs or various “street drugs” such as heroin, amphetamines or cocaine. Treatment usually includes:
  • Assessments of physical and mental health, substance abuse and coordination of medical services
  • A designated counselor and individualized treatment plan for each client
  • Individual and Group Therapy Sessions
  • Transition planning (finding stable housing, securing access to follow up care, employment and/or educational services, and other community resources)
Adult Residential Services in Marquette consists of two wings, separating the genders and focuses on providing services to clients who are 18 and up. In Sault Ste. Marie, the New Hope House for Men and the New Hope House for Women specialize in gender specific treatment for adults 18 and over. Youth Residential Services in Negaunee is the only residential substance abuse treatment provider in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that specializes in working with adolescents age 12-17.
Outpatient Services for substance abuse and mental health disorders are a less intensive, but more flexible therapeutic approach to recovery. Typically, it involves meeting regularly with counselors or therapists for group or individual sessions focused on gaining the skills needed to live life in recovery. Most often, clients are referred to outpatient services as a follow-up to residential services and are the first choice for those who need the freedom to continue working or attending school. Call (906) 228-9696 or toll free at (855) 906-GLRC (4572) for free, 100% confidential information about Outpatient Services at GLRC. At the 11 GLRC Outpatient Service offices in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, our clinicians are trained to recognize and create a personalized plan to treat adults, adolescents and children who are troubled by:
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Stress, conflicts or difficulties in relationships
  • Trauma or abuse (PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Alcoholism or substance abuse
  • Eating disorders and obsessive/compulsive behaviors
  • Attention, conduct and educational issues
  • Sexual disorders and addiction
Substance abuse and mental illness are treatable disorders. Millions of Americans are in lifelong recovery. Troubled families and individuals can and do heal. Seeking help and getting access to the right treatment options are the first steps on a road to better life. The availability of clinicians is different at each location, please call (906) 228-9696 or toll free at (855) 906-GLRC (4572) for services that work for you!
"I'm 15 years old and I'm an addict. I've been sober for 73 days. I like it here (at GLRC). The staff is helpful and I've learned a lot about myself; about respecting myself, and learning to love myself. I've also learned how to find good friends that are good for me. I've learned to express myself through art during Art Therapy."
Comments from a 15-year old Youth Residential Services (Youth) client
"I'm a recent graduate from ARS and I just want to express my gratitude. Things are going much better for me and one of the most amazing things is that my son wants to be around me again."
Comments from an Adult Residential Services Client:
"I struggled depression and a lifelong addiction to alcohol. I've had my children taken from me; I'm a nurse and I lost my career, I lost my marriage, I've been incarcerated and spent time in various recovery settings."
"When I first came to GLRC, I was desperate. I begged the counselors not to teach me another method to recover, but to help me to PRACTICE the things I know; and that's what they did. The counselors here LIVE recovery, they are inspiring and the holistic (mind, body and soul) approach works well; learning, exercising, working and exploring spirituality distract me from my addiction and give me something positive to focus on."
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