Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services for substance abuse and mental health disorders are a less intensive, but more flexible therapeutic approach to recovery. Typically, it involves meeting regularly with counselors or therapists for group or individual sessions focused on gaining the skills needed to live life in recovery. Most often, clients are referred to outpatient services as a follow-up to residential services and are the first choice for those who need the freedom to continue working or attending school.

Outpatient Services Brochure

Hancock Outpatient Services

Call (906) 228-9696 or toll free at (855) 906-GLRC (4572) for free, 100% confidential information about Outpatient Services at GLRC.

The availability of clinicians and services are different at each location, please call (906) 228-9696 or toll free at (855) 906-GLRC (4572) for services that work for you!

At the GLRC Outpatient Service offices in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, our clinicians are trained to recognize and create a personalized plan to treat adults, adolescents and children who are troubled by:

– Anxiety or Depression
– Stress, conflicts or difficulties in relationships
– Trauma or abuse (PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
– Alcoholism or substance abuse
– Eating disorders and obsessive/compulsive behaviors
– Attention, conduct and educational issues
– Sexual disorders and addiction

Substance abuse and mental illness are treatable disorders. Millions of Americans are in lifelong recovery. Troubled families and individuals can and do heal. Seeking help and getting access to the right treatment options are the first steps on a road to better life.