Sue B’s House

Sue B’s Recovery House is a seven bed recovery residence that provides a safe, recovery-oriented environment for women who are beginning their life of recovery. Sue B’s is a place you can develop your independence and learn about yourself, all while focusing on your recovery. The maximum length of stay is one year. If you do not have a safe and sober living environment to return to once you have completed treatment, consider applying to Sue B’s Recovery House.

Admission Criteria

• Female, at least 18 years of age or older
• Be able to live in a shared living environment
• Attend four self-help meetings weekly (NA, AA, SMART Recovery, etc.)
• Obtain full-time (32+hr/week) employment within 60 days
• Participate in weekly chores
• Attend weekly house meetings
• Obtain a Peer Recovery Coach and Sponsor
• A minimum of 30 days sober prior to applying to Recovery Housing. Applications will not be accepted sooner.
• Self-Pay $300/month for two months, and then pay rent with each paycheck received – 25% of gross income.

What we can offer you!

• A safe and supportive living environment
• Weekly Outpatient Counseling
• Weekly Intensive Case Management
• Women’s Center Services
• YMCA Membership
• Acupuncture
• Peer Recovery Coach

“So much of my struggle with addiction was in isolation. I always thought that because it was a mess I had gotten myself into, then I would be the only one to get myself out. My experience in Sue B’s house has taught me the opposite. Even though the women in this house have very different lives, problems, experiences, we are all just fighting to get our lives back. Being able to experience that struggle together and witness each others’ successes and challenges, can only happen at a place like this. Being able to see the progress in each other makes it easier to see that same progress in my own journey. We are building relationships that are based on mutual respect between people who have struggles and survived the same near fatal catastrophe. I know now that if I’m not strong enough, I don’t need to be. The strength in these women, here at Sue B’s house will get me through.”

— Resident at Sue B’s House

Please call 906-228-7611 and ask the Case Manager for an application.

Renaming of Sue B’s House at Annual Staff Picnic