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Offender Success Mission

The MISSION of the Michigan Offender Success Model is to reduce crime by implementing a seamless plan of services, supervision and opportunities developed with each offender and delivered through State and Regional collaboration with the ultimate goal of obtaining sustainable employment and self-sufficiency. The mission is accomplished by targeting service provision to meet the identified needs of returning offenders, thereby reducing their risk of recidivism and enhancing their employment opportunities.

Offender Success Vision

The VISION of the Michigan Offender Success Model is that every offender released from prison will have the tools needed to succeed in the community and the opportunity to utilize those tools to be productive, self-sufficient citizens.

The Michigan Offender Success Model

The model incorporates:
— The three phase reentry approach of the Department of Justice’s Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative (SVORI).
— The seven decision points of the National Institute of Corrections Transition from Prison to Community Initiative (TPCI Model).
— The policy statements and recommendations from the Report of the Reentry Policy Council that is coordinated by the Council of State Governments.

How is this accomplished?

Resource Specialists: Assure all counties have adequate services and vendors to meet the needs of all returning parolees.
Job Development Specialists: Coordinate job placement activities for OS parolees and develops employer relationships to provide employment opportunities to offenders.

Regional Steering Team

Provides planning oversight whereby the community and the MDOC come together to collaborate locally on developing solutions and leveraged services for programs, services and job development efforts.

Advisory Council

• Advisory Councils are in place within each region to create a strong base for community support and to act as a vehicle for public education and input for the Offender Success Program.
• The Advisory Council represents an opportunity for service provider input to the process, especially through a specifically named committee of the Council.
• Advisory Council members attend Advisory Council meetings and participate in reaching out to the public at-large to educate them about Offender Success in their community.

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Services Offered to Parolees Through Offender Success:

• Transition
• Employment Readiness
• Job Development Services
• Residential Stability Services
• Social Support Services
• Health and Behavioral Health Services

Services are provided based on the parole agent’s referral.

Region 1 Staff

Natalie Patron
Program Manager
(906) 630-2511

Jason Sides
Community Coordinator
(906) 458-0616

Bob Boivin
Resource Specialist
(906) 250-0615

BillieJean Horrocks
Job/Resource Specialist
(906) 458-5842

Ashley Marjomaki
Job Specialist
(906) 458-3249

William Mourufas
Job/Resource Specialist
(906) 458-4113

Sylvia Wentela
Resource Specialist
(906) 458-3708