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Art therapy

Youth Residents use various art techniques to express their emotions non-verbally and help regulate them in a healthy way.

recreational therapy

Recreational Therapy focuses on team sports as well as rock climbing, hiking and snowshoeing.

service learning

All clients perform community service projects that, not only benefit the community, but also impact the client following the PARC model: Plan, Action, Reflection, and Celebrate.

Bridges Program

The Bridges program is intended to assist chronically addicted youth by helping them form positive relationships with elder adults.

Adolescent Services Center

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At GLRC Adolescent Services Center Residential Program, we have the privilege to work with adolescents who, already at their young age, have faced many challenges. Our staff is committed to providing our residents with a safe, nurturing and supportive environment to insure a positive recovery experience. Our intention is to educate them about their addiction and the effects it has had on their lives. We provide them with the skills necessary to maintain sobriety, engage in healthy relationships, and increase their awareness of personal responsibilities. We are extremely aware that these young people have been entrusted to us at an important turning point in their lives and we are honored to serve them.

Our hope is that they leave our program with an increased sense of self-worth, effective communication skills, the ability to make healthy choices, and the knowledge of how to maintain their path of recovery so that they may continue to be productive and valued citizens of their communities.

Learn more about Great Lakes Recovery Centers at www.greatlakesrecovery.org.


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