Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Specialty Clinic

Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Specialty Clinic

Great Lakes Recovery Centers (GLRC) opened the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Specialty Clinic to help address the unmet need for psychiatric and specialty mental health services for children and families. With the opening of the specialty clinic, GLRC is pleased to announce that Dr. Steven Klamerus, Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, will be providing weekly psychiatric services beginning October 4, 2018 at the GLRC Adolescent Services Center in Negaunee. GLRC believes that effectively addressing mental health issues requires access to a full spectrum of services including psychiatric care, specialty assessment and treatment services. These services will be provided by clinicians specially trained in trauma, childhood development, and family systems.

The target population for services includes children and adolescents dealing with moderate to severe mental health issues that require the care of a licensed psychiatrist that cannot access these services through another system of care. Under the direction of Dr. Steven Klamerus, the specialty clinic will host a full spectrum of services designed for the treatment of youth between the ages of 5 and 18 including:

• Psychiatric Evaluations
• Medication Management
• Psychiatrist Consultations
• Coordinated Therapy Services with Specialty Trained Clinicians including:
-Parent Education
-Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
-Individual/Play Therapy
-Family Therapy
• Collaboration with community providers and coordination of care
• Family Systems Approach

Services are available beginning October 4, 2018 at the Adolescent Services Center, 104 Malton Road, Negaunee. GLRC accepts many insurance plans, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Magellen, Tri-Care, and UPHP. Our dedicated team of specialists can assist you in determining if your insurance carrier covers these services. Referral for services can be made directly to the Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Specialty Clinic by calling (906) 228-4692. General questions regarding services can be directed to Jamie Dieterle, Children’s Services Director, at (906) 228-4692, ext. 2402 or jdieterle@greatlakesrecovery. org.